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Professional, Reliable, and Friendly Taxi Cab Service in Wailea to All Destinations On Maui.
Wailea Taxi Cab Service available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Reservation Office is open 6am - 9pm.

Wailea Taxi Cab Service Direct Non-stop to Maui Airport: 808-874-6900.

Taxi service from resorts, hotels,
and homes in Wailea & Makena to
Maui's Kahului Airport, OGG.
Taxi service from Wailea to all
locations & activities on Maui.

    We have one of the most reliable
    and best maintained fleets of
    air-conditioned taxi vans on Maui.
    Up to 7 passengers per taxi.
    Clean & plenty of luggage space.

Our taxi drivers are knowledgeable,
honest, fun, and committed to
outstanding customer service.
For taxi reservations, taxi pickups,
or taxi cab prices in Wailea, Maui,
call 808-874-6900.

    Every Taxi on Maui is required
    to have the same Metered Rates:
    $3.50 for the initial Drop Fee,
    plus $3.00 per mile based on
    0.30¢ per 1/10th mile.
    Wait-time: $0.30¢ per minute.

Taxi Cab Rates on Maui - (rates are per ride, not per person).
Taxi rates on Maui are based on the "Maui County Taxi Rates" noted above.
Taxi prices from Wailea to Maui Airport are listed below and are approximate.

Estimated taxi prices from hotels in Wailea to Maui's Kahului Airport, OGG.

  Fairmont Kea Lani to Maui Airport $56
  Four Seasons Maui to Maui Airport $55
  Grand Champions to Maui Airport $52
  Grand Wailea to Maui Airport $53
  Ho'olei to Maui Airport $53
  Hotel Wailea to Maui Airport $55
  Kai Malu Wailea to Maui Airport $50
  Makena Beach Resort - Maui Airport $63
  Makena Surf to Maui Airport $59
  Marriott Wailea to Maui Airport $53
  Palms at Wailea to Maui Airport $50
  Papali Wailea to Maui Airport $49
  Polo Beach Club to Maui Airport $57
  Shops at Wailea to Maui Airport $52
  Wailea Beach Villas to Maui Airport $52
  Wailea Ekahi to Maui Airport $50
  Wailea Ekolu to Maui Airport $52
  Wailea Elua to Maui Airport $51
  Wailea Fairway Estates - Maui Airport $52
  Wailea Fairway Villas to Maui Airport $52
  Wailea Golf Estates to Maui Airport $55
  Wailea Golf Vistas to Maui Airport $55
  Wailea Kai to Maui Airport $50
  Wailea Kialoa to Maui Airport $50
  Wailea Palms to Maui Airport $50
  Wailea Point to Maui Airport $55
  Wailea Pualani Estates - Maui Airport $50

Meet and Greet
$75 flat rate for direct non-stop from Maui Airport to hotels in Wailea.
Our drivers will meet you at the airport, gather your luggage, and transport you to your hotel in Wailea.

It takes about 30 minutes to go from Wailea to Maui's Kahului Airport, OGG.

Estimated taxi cab rates from Wailea hotels to favorite destinations on Maui.

  Fairmont Kea Lani to Lahaina $88
  Four Seasons Maui to Lahaina $87
  Grand Champions to Lahaina $84
  Grand Wailea to Lahaina $85
  Ho'olei to Lahaina $85
  Hotel Wailea to Lahaina $87
  Makena Beach Resort to Lahaina $95
  Makena Surf to Lahaina $91
  Wailea Marriott to Lahaina $85
  Fairmont Kea Lani to Kaanapali $100
  Four Seasons Maui to Kaanapali $99
  Grand Champions to Kaanapali $96
  Grand Wailea to Kaanapali $97
  Ho'olei to Kaanapali $97
  Hotel Wailea to Kaanapali $99
  Makena Beach Resort to Kaanapali $107
  Makena Surf to Kaanapali $103
  Wailea Marriott to Kaanapali $97
  Fairmont to Mama's Fish House $76
  Four Seasons to Mama's Fish House $75
  Grand Champs to Mama's Fish House $72
  Grand Wailea to Mama's Fish House $73
  Ho'olei to Mama's Fish House $73
  Hotel Wailea to Mama's Fish House $75
  Makena Resort to Mama's Fish House $83
  Makena Surf to Mama's Fish House $79
  Wailea Marriott - Mama's Fish House $73

 Four Seasons Hotel Maui   Fairmont Kea Lani Maui  Grand Wailea Hotel Maui   Hotel Wailea Maui   Wailea Marriott Maui   Makena Beach and Golf Resort Maui

Taxi of Wailea. For a taxi in Wailea or Makena, Maui, call 808-874-6900
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